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    Huaren building project Win 2007 year"Luban prize"

         Founded in autumn 1972, HuaRen Construction Group has since been in operation for more than 40 years. In 1984, with the newly setup management team we strived through a struggling and tedious journey of 30 years to realize the dream of building HuaRen to what it is today ... a company that is united, dedicated, responsible and cohesive.

         A traditional trade that can remain so prosperous and resilient after over 40 years in operation is what makes everyone at HuaRen proud about !

        This can be seen from the achievement of an enterprise qualification that gradually advance from a humble 4th grade to 3rd, 2nd, 1st and eventually Special grade.

        This is further affirmed by the accolades of awards which ranges from Luban award, National Quality project award, Construction Bureau Excellent Award, Zhan Tian You Award, Shanghai Magnolia Cup, Jiangsu Yangzi Cup, Sichuan Tianfu Cup, Jiangxi Azalea Cup, Hubei Chutian Cup and Chongqing Sanxia Cup that makes HuaRen a reputable company !

         Hua Ren persists in taking the multi diversification route, investing in Shanghai JianlongGarden,Yide Garden, Opal Villa, Wuxi Ren He Garden, Huaren Lakeview International Plaza,Huaren Phoenix City , Chongqing Wanyou Plaza and other real estate projects which were awarded the National Habitat Classic Awards, it is the embodiment of the strengths of Huaren.

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